Customer Projects

This is one of our CNC cut 36 inch thrust ducts being assembled by Bob Graham. He has bent the foam walls around the plywood former disks, and held them in place with metal straps while the glue dries.
Bob has bonded the thrust duct to the hull, added fiberglass and filler on the outside, and installed the support fins.
And the finished product is a fantastic looking UH-13PT! The standard 36 inch duct works for the UH-10F, UH-13P, and many custom craft.

This hovercraft was built by the University of Alabama hovercraft team in preparation for their annual race against Auburn University. They used a 40 inch custom CNC thrust duct and a custom 24 inch CNC truncated lift duct. The entire thrust duct can be removed for maintenance or to experiment with different designs.
Note the tight tolerance between the thrust fan and duct. The result was a great performing craft that won the annual race in 2015.