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Phoenix hovercraft

The Phoenix will soon be available as a ready to fly, turn-key hovercraft! For details, call us at 817-797-0249 or send us an email!

The Phoenix is a light sport hovercraft designed to be very simple and affordable to build. Quality design and engineering by the LSH team minimizes the parts count and expense without sacrificing the high performance and aggressive styling desired by beginning and veteran hovercraft pilots alike.

Phoenix hovercraft specs

1. Molded GRP (fiberglass) topside
2. Molded bottom hull with flotation foam installed
3. Molded thrust duct trimmed and ready for installation
4. Subaru 25 horsepower V-twin engine with muffler and all mounting hardware
5. Fourth generation LSH belt reduction drive
6. Lift airflow guides
7. Stainless steel fan guard and mounting hardware
8. High performance fan
9. Joystick kit with steering and throttle cables
10. Aluminum rudder kit (x2)
11. Fuel tank and fuel lines
12. Starter battery
13. Vinyl coated polyester skirt material, marked and ready for cutting
14. UHMW landing skids
15. All stainless steel handles and hardware for assembly
16. Flashing yellow light


Made_in_USA The Phoenix is the only modern light sport hovercraft designed and manufactured in the USA.

Hovercraft kit


See the Phoenix in action below. This was the pre-production model. The production Phoenix has twice the horsepower!


The Phoenix is filled with great design features which increase performance and drastically reduce build time:

The hull is constructed as a composite sandwich, formed by single piece fiberglass topside and bottom side hulls, both glued to a flotation foam core. This keeps the parts count low, and results in an exceedingly stiff but lightweight structure. A key to the Phoenix’s performance is its light weight. The hull is a “free flooding” design, eliminating the common problem of water absorption in home built craft. The idea is that instead of trying to seal water out of the hull (water inevitably gets in and gets trapped), water fills much of the area inside the hull when the hovercraft is off cushion. Large holes in the bottom hull mean that as soon as you power back up, water goes out as easily as it comes in!
The skirt is a bag design for simplicity, and air is routed through the rear of the hull and beneath the craft using CNC-cut airflow guides. Bag skirts are very stable and offer many seasons of maintenance free service.
The Phoenix is one of the only craft on the market with a completely self-contained drive system. The reduction drive and fan bolt directly to the engine, and the engine bolts directly to the rear of the bench. This simplifies installation, and eliminates the need for complex couplers and custom welded components. The reduction drive also utilizes a custom Multi-Wing fan which bolts directly to the top pulley, so you don’t have to worry about taperlock bushings, which rust quickly in wet environments and are a common point of failure on home built craft.
We use cogged belts that provide many hours of trouble free service, never have to be re-tensioned, and don’t slip when wet like V-belts and poly-V belts. The Phoenix uses a very high 2.13:1 reduction ratio, resulting in very low fan tip speeds. High fan speeds are the primary source of noise on hovercraft, so this design results in an extremely quiet running hovercraft. With a smooth 4-stroke engine and the slow fan speed, the hovercraft is no louder than most jet skis or ski boats!
Our lift air splitter is held in place with 8 small screws, so it is easily removed the service the reduction drive or propeller. Airflow guides beneath the splitter efficiently deliver air beneath the craft for lift.
Anyone who has scratch-built a hovercraft will tell you the controls are an enormous hassle. We’ve taken the pain out of control systems with our ready to install joystick and cables. The kit includes cables of the right length, as well as all mounting hardware, so you save the trouble of measuring cables and figuring out how to fix cable ends.