UH-10F Extraction

The hovercraft has officially outgrown the third floor apartment, so with the help of seven of my good friends on a quiet sunday morning, I’ll be moving it out in pieces for final assembly.
Two of my co-conspirators, Mark and Martin. Mark used to be a climber, so he has all the ropes and climbing equipment we’ll need.
The hardest part will be lowering the hull. But first we have to get it out of the sliding glass door and onto the balcony. I made careful measurements before starting construction to make sure the hovercraft would fit out the door.
The handles should hold the weight, but this is not a chance to take here. We’ll be lowering the craft with cables wrapped through the lift duct, which is much more structurally integrated into the hull.
Mark and Martin secure the straps in place, with foam pads to keep the straps and ropes from damaging the duct in any way.
The craft will be lowered with the back facing down. These ropes will be used be friends on the ground to hold the craft away from the side of the building as it is lowered.
Bruce has joined us up top to help lower the craft over the railing. The hull only weighs about 80 lbs at this point, but it’s still much easier with several people.
The two ropes on the rear handles have now been lowered to friends on the ground who are ready to keep the craft from hitting the downstairs neighbors’ balconies as the craft is lowered.
And over it goes!
This is where it gets interesting. MArtin and Bruce are letting the rear pivot downward so Mark and I can support all the weight with the ropes on the front of the craft.
Martin is now using a single rope to support the back of the craft, while the friends below hold the craft away from the building with the other rope.
almost vertical now.
Mark and I now have all the weight on two front ropes. It’s pretty smooth sailing from here.
About halfway down. I think this was done relatively quietly, but if the downstairs neighbor happened to look out their window, they would see a hovercraft hull going by!
Martin and Bruce have gone downstairs to grab the rear of the hull.
Bryan and Rae Ann have joined us on the ground, and help carry the hull. There are several small groups of stairs winding around the building to get to the parking lot.
Moving slow to make sure nobody slips
And down the final stairs to the parking lot. I’m located on the edge of a steep hill in Austin, so getting heavy objects to and from the apartment is a production!.
The hull in its temporary home, and 6′ x 12′ U-haul trailer. Bruce volunteered to use his vehicle to tow the hull to it’s new home in a friend’s garage.
Packing up all the equipment.
Getting the trailer all hitched up.
The hovercraft in its new home.
I’ll be doing the final assembly and painting in this garage, where I’ll have a lot more room to work.