UH-10F Custom Trailer

For the UH-10F trailer, I’ll be using a modified Harbor Freight trailer kit. This is the 4′ x 8′ folding trailer with an 1195 lb capacity and 12″ wheels.
Bolting a 2×4 frame on top of the steel trailer frame. The 2×4 frame is constructed in two pieces so it can be carried downstairs from my third floor apartment.
The 2x4s are painted black to protect them from moisture.
The 2×4 frame bolts to the trailer frame using the included trailer bolts. No additional holes were drilled in the steel frame. This is the assembled back half of the trailer frame. The back and front halves were carried downstairs separately, and then assembled in the parking lot.
It turned out to be a gross day to work outside, but my friend Bruce helped with the assembly and we got it mostly done before it started raining.
The trailer is now safely parked on Bruce’s covered driveway, where the remainder of the assembly will take place.
The 1/2″ plywood deck has now been installed, giving the bed a total dimension of 12′ x 6′. Treated 2×6 side rails have also been installed.
This is a Harbor Freight winch bolted to a riser I built to go on the front of the trailer. This will allow the hovercraft to be loaded and unloaded by a single person.
The deck and rails have now been painted black, and I’ve stapled indoor/outdoor carpet to the deck.
I’ve also added a folding ramp to the back created with 12″ wide shelving boards and a long piano hinge. It’s fine with the hovercraft’s spread out weight on it, but not strong enough to hold a person, so I’ve painted “no step” on both sides to remind myself and others not to step on the ramp. When not in use, the ramp folds up to make a tailgate on the back of the trailer.
To better accommodate the small car I’ll be towing with and to give more clearance between the tires and deck, I swapped the 12″ wheels that came with the trailer for smaller 8″ wheels. These won’t run quite as smoothly, but with a light load like the hovercraft, they should be fine for relatively short trips.
The trailer tilted back with ramp deployed. The hovercraft is very easy to load and unload.
I only had 2 ‘W’ stencils, so I had to go back for a second pass to get the third W in my URL.