UH-10F Lift Engine

This is the aluminum engine mount frame, constructed from 1″ square tube with 0.125″ wall thickness. The welding was one by a friend at a machine shop.
Painted gloss black. The Rustoleum used here eventually flaked due to the heat at the points closest to the engine block.
Test fitting the engine mount. The four aluminum flanges mount to the inside of the 1×4 rails.
I had to lightly sand the inside of one of the rails for the mount to fit properly without being too tight.
Each flange is secured to the 1×4 rails with 4 bolts.
Mounting bolts for the engine. I didn’t end up using these rubber standoffs as they allowed the engine to move around too much.
The engine I’ll be using is a Honda GCV 160, rated at 5.5 HP.
The complete setup before adding the lift fan guard.
I’ve removed the engine cover here to allow access to the throttle. I removed the governor from the lift engine, so a lawnmower-style throttle cable connects directly to the butterfly valve.
I used one of the plywood disks from the lift duct former as a guide to bend 3/8″ copper tubing into a frame. The frame is then wrapped with 1″ x 1″ wire mesh.
Here I’ve cut out the center of the wire mesh guard, and added copper tubing in the rough shape of the engine. This will fit fairly snuggly around the engine, keeping out hands and other foreign objects.
The lift duct guard has now been painted gloss black. I’ve also added three aluminum angle mounting brackets, which will be used to mount the guard. The wire mesh is attached to these mounting brackets with zip ties for easy removal.
Here I’m using 1/4″ thick wood scraps to establish the spacing of the duct guard above the top of the duct.
With the duct guard temporarily in position, I’ve used pieces of 1/8″ thick aluminum bar to mount the duct guard to the 1×4 rails holding the lift engine.
A closeup, without the engine, of the risers holding up the lift duct guard.
For access to the engine, the duct guard can be removed by clipping the zip ties holding the wire mesh to the mounting brackets.
Ready for action, with the duct guard in place.