UH-10F Thrust Duct

Using a router on a home built circle cutting jog to cut out the thrust duct former. Per UH-10F plans, the former is two sheets of plywood (or MDF in my case) separated by 2×4′s.
1/8″ bending birch plywood and the preshaped 2″ thick foam duct wall have been glued and clamped around the duct former.
This is the structure that mounts the thrust engine and thrust duct.
Lightening holes cut (I don’t generally recommend this, minimal weight savings and it’s a hassle to paint), and the 1/4″ plywood duct brace has been added across the top.
Thrust engine and thrust temporarily in place.
2″ x 4″ chicken wire from Tractor Supply Co is temporarily fitted as a duct guard.
The chicken wire is trimmed to size and the loose ends are wrapped around 3/8″ copper tubing bent into a circle.
The complete thrust duct ready to be glued to the hull.