Rudder (kit)

Complete rudder kit with all required parts and hardware to construct a foam-core aluminum rudder.

$169.00 — $219.00

Note: Rudders are now also available fully assembled and ready to paint and install. Contact us for a quote.

Includes all required parts and hardware as well as instructions for assembly. The rudder core is a precision CNC cut symmetric airfoil made from lightweight EPS foam. The aluminum skin provides superior ding and corrosion resistance, and comes pre-bent and ready to bond to the foam core. Advantages of LSH precision rudders include:

    1. Reduced drag
    2. Higher stall angle than flat rudders
    3. Superior strength
    4. Long-term durability in harsh environments
    5. Smooth surface finish ready for paint, decals, or a custom wrap
    6. Easy assembly

Aluminum and stainless steel mounting and bearing hardware is included. Requires epoxy resin and JB Weld to assemble.