reduction drive

Belt Reduction Drive


Rugged belt reduction drive designed for engines in the 13 – 35 horsepower range, including the popular Predator, Briggs, Kohler, Honda, and Subaru-Robin engines. Built from corrosion-resistant aluminum and stainless steel. Simple and light weight at just 15 lbs.

Download the UltraDrive Spec Sheet.

Need a propeller or fan to go with your engine? Tell us about your application and we can set up the perfect reduction drive/propeller combination for your engine.

Product Description

This is the fifth generation belt reduction drive we’ve developed specifically for the harsh environment encountered on hovercraft and airboats. It’s designed for engines up to 35 horsepower, and constructed of aluminum and stainless steel for durability in a wet environment. The cogged belt is quiet and efficient, and doesn’t slip when wet. A standard 6 hole 75mm diameter pattern allows you to mount nearly any fan or propeller. The standard ratio is 1.65:1, but other ratios are available on request. Tell us about your application and we can put together the perfect belt reduction drive and propeller or fan combination for you.