CNC cut hovercraft kits


May 21, 2013


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LSX Hovercraft We’re working hard to finalize plans for two hovercraft kits to be CNC cut from lightweight plywood. The first will be a kit version of the 40 horsepower LSX (2 seater), and the second a simpler 1-seat variant which will run on a Honda 13 HP engine (or similar). Both craft will feature simple assembly from CNC cut interlocking parts (think Ikea furniture, with fiberglass-taped edges!), and a molded thrust duct. Both models are filled with closed-cell foam for buoyancy, and feature a single engine with a high gear reduction for low noise and high reliability. A 1/2 scale mockup of the CNC cut LSX model was recently shown at the Austin Mini Maker Faire. Stayed tuned for more updates coming soon!


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