New CNC thrust duct former


December 2, 2013


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CNC thrust duct formerWe just received our first CNC cut thrust duct former. We’re about to release a former designed for a 36″ duct with 1/8″ tip clearance, but contact us to ask about custom sizes! We can cut formers for larger thrust ducts, as well as smaller models for lift ducts. The former is cut from lightweight 3/8″ plywood, and comes in four identical pieces. Semicircular former pairs are assembled into circles with 4 bolts, and the two assembled circles are snapped together with 12 slotted tabs. The 1/8″ plywood typically used for the inside of duct is then simply wrapped around the duct former. A 1″ center hole is drilled to allow alignment with an engine or reduction drive output shaft on the craft, and can also be used to suspend the duct former during assembly and fiberglassing of the duct. When the duct is complete, remove the bolts and tabs, and the former easily collapses and is removed from the duct! Use the CNC duct former to drastically reduce your duct build time. Assembly only takes 5 minutes right out of the box!

CNC thrust duct former

The assembled CNC duct former, ready for the 1/8″ plywood inner duct wall. If you don’t own a router, save the expense of a router and circle-cutting jig. If you already have a router, save the time consuming step of cutting your own duct former!


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