How much static thrust does the Predator 22 redrive package generate?

This depends on the size of the propeller, but in our two most common sizes: a 52″ propeller generates about 140 lbs static thrust, and a 59″ propeller generates about 160 lbs static thrust.

Will your redrive work on a jon boat I’m converting to an airboat?

Yes, the Predator 22 redrive package will work on any boat, but jon boats are typically narrower than a purpose-built airboat, so it’s important to keep the engine as low as possible to prevent the boat from becoming unstable. It’ll also be important to keep the weight as low as possible, as jon boats require more thrust to plane out.

How much weight will the Predator 22 redrive package plane out in a jon boat or mini airboat?

This depends on the exact shape of your hull and the weight distribution. You’re welcome to call us to discuss.

Will your redrive work on an ultralight?

Yes, but our reduction drive packages are not certified for aviation use, and we can’t make any statements about their suitability for aircraft use.

Why does a simple reduction drive cost almost $900?

The reduction drives are more complicated than they look. The upper pulleys have to be CNC machined and then finish bored to tolerances within 0.001″ to mount the bearings. The mounting plates are CNC water jet cut. To avoid corrosion in wet environments, all remaining parts are stainless steel, which is costly and expensive to machine. We are proud to manufacture all of these parts in the USA.

How long does it take to get a reduction drive after I order?

For the standard reduction ratios on the Predator 2 hp engine, it takes about 2 weeks. For custom drives (different reduction ratios or higher power engines), it takes about 4 weeks. Many of the parts for these drives are made to order, and the exact time depends on the workloads of the machine shops we partner with.

What is your return policy

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you’re not completely satisfied with anything you receive, you can send it back for a full refund.

Will you accept credit cards soon?

We’ve started doing our invoicing and online payments through Paypal, which enables you to pay using your Paypal account or using any credit card through Paypal’s online payment portal.

Do you ship internationally?

Absolutely! Our automated checkout system is not yet set up to provide international shipping rates, but contact us for a quote.