The LSX is the first in a series of full-scale prototype craft designed to test and showcase modern manufacturing techniques, materials, and technologies applied to a small hovercraft. It is designed to be as simple as possible while meeting the following criteria:
1. Comfortably seats two people
2. Uses a reduction drive for safer and quieter operation
3. Uses a single engine to provide both lift and thrust

The LSX has been tested and works great! We’re currently in the process of optimizing the design to be produced from entirely CNC cut and molded fiberglass parts.

The hull is made from two large blocks of EPS foam, joined in the middle.
The thrust duct is fairly standard, using 1/8″ plywood. However, instead of bending the plywood around a disk, the plywood has been glued into a thicker plywood ring. The two plywood rings around the duct will help hold the duct in shape without requiring substantial bracing.
The individual hull pieces, with all contours cut. The piece of foam comprising the bench seat and front fascia is in the background.
All three foam hull components and the thrust duct test fit.
The underside of the craft, with plough planes, plenum cutout, and skirt attach strips installed.
The craft has now been fiberglassed and painted with two coats of white primer.
The box which will direct a portion of the air below the craft and into the skirt has also been built. The four studs protruding from the rear of the bench area will be used to secure the engine.
The craft with two thick coats of key lime green.
Extensive masking required to obtain the desired striping
This is what it looks like with the black striping. I also painted the parts of the thrust duct which are just exposed wood flat black, as these areas were not worth the time to dress up and fiberglass.
The finished hull, with lots of sanding, two coats of clear coat, and polish.
An outdoor picture on an overcast day.
The engine, reduction drive, test fan, duct guard, and a brace have been added here.
Aluminum test rudders installed. These all aluminum rudders, complete with mounting hardware, are now available as ready-to-paint components in our webstore. They’re available in various sizes to accommodate almost any plans-built or commercially available hovercraft today.