UPDATE: Due to rapidly increasing material and engine costs, we are not currently producing any turn key hovercraft or hovercraft kits. We will reevaluate if market conditions change.

The Phoenix is a light sport hovercraft designed to be very simple and affordable to build. Quality design and engineering by the LSH team minimizes the parts count and expense without sacrificing the high performance and aggressive styling desired by beginning and veteran hovercraft pilots alike.

phoenix hovercraft

Dimensions 10.75 ft length x 5.25 ft width Construction Molded fiberglass deck and hull with core materials and flotation foam core
Dry Weight 310 lbs Controls Handlebars
Payload 1 person/300 lbs Power Plant 23 hp single cylinder 4-stroke
Flotation 1,350 lbs Fuel Tank 3 gallons, detachable
Speed 35-40 mph (maximum) Fuel burn 1-1.5 gallons per hour
25-30 mph (cruise) Hover Height 6.5 inches

Phoenix hovercraft features:
1. Molded fiberglass hull with flotation foam, tow hooks, handles, and engine mounts installed
2. Molded thrust duct trimmed and ready for installation
3. Two molded rudders and all installation hardware
4. Molded lift air splitter plate
5. 23 horsepower V-twin engine with muffler and mounting hardware
6. Ultradrive belt reduction drive with Poly Chain carbon belt
7. Stainless steel fan guard and mounting hardware
8. High performance fan
9. Joystick or handlebar kit with steering and throttle cables
10. Fuel tank and fuel lines
11. Battery and marine grade cables
13. Vinyl coated polyester skirt material and skirt templates
14. UHMW landing skids
15. All stainless steel hardware and fasteners for assembly

See the Phoenix in action:

The Phoenix is filled with great design features which increase performance and drastically reduce build time:

Choose from either handlebars (shown here) or a joystick. Both control systems are durable and very quick to master Instruments are kept to a minimum to keep the craft simple and cost low, but the analog GPS speedometer is one of our favorite optional upgrades..
The rudders are symmetrical airfoils made from carbon fiber, making them extremely lightweight and strong. Their large combined surface area gives you firm control authority over the Phoenix. All installation hardware is aluminum or stainless steel, giving you years of trouble-free operation in harsh environments.
The battery, fire extinguisher, and wiring are all neatly stowed inside the bench, making the topside of the Phoenix very tidy. This makes them easily accessible but protects them from the elements.
The Phoenix has a compartment in the nose that provides easy access to the control cables, as well as space for safety gear, drinks, camera, etc.
The fuel tank is located on the top deck, so it is easy to inspect the tank and related equipment. There are no buried/inaccessible fuel lines to worry about. And there is ample room on either side of the fuel tank to carry an auxiliary fuel tank for added range.