We’re selling the prototype hull we used to develop the Rascal mini airboat plans. If you want to get on the water fast, buy the hull we built for only $600, add your running gear, and hit the water!

See the construction photos here

Sale is ONLY for the finished hull and engine stand. We’ve used the other gear on other projects. You will need to add propeller guard, engine, reduction drive, propeller, rudders, and controls.

Hull is 1/4″ plywood with 1/2″ transom and bulkheads, sealed with epoxy, painted with oil-based paint, and finished on the bottom with polyurethane. We can also supply the belt reduction and propeller for it if you need them.

Located in Katy, Texas (20 miles west of Houston). We only have one of these, so call or email us if you’re interested!