This is the G13B engine straight out of the Suzuki Swift. It’s looking a little rough around the edges…
Intake side.
The exhaust manifold straight off the car.
The intake manifold, throttle body, and fuel rail.
All the ports have been plugged and the block has been thoroughly sprayed with engine degreaser.
It took several washings with the degreaser, but most of the sludge and oil came off, leaving the bare aluminum with only mild discoloration.
After taping off the timing belt cover, oil pan, and valve cover, the engine block has been painted gray with high temperature engine enamel.
With a couple coats of enamel, it almost looks like it came straight from the factory!
The valve cover is painted with “Hemi Orange” high-temp engine enamel.
A complete 180 from the beat up old engine that came out of the swift.
The cleaned up and painted intake manifold.
The painted starter motor.
The intake manifold has now been reattached to the engine, using a new gasket.
The water pump has been replaced here, and a new timing belt is on the way.
I took the exhaust manifold to a small shop to have it sandblasted. This is before I painted it flat black with muffler/header paint.