A 1×2 has been carefully aligned horizontally on the outside of the thrust duct. This will serve as an anchor for both the thrust duct braces and for the upper rudder mounts.
1/8″ x 1″ aluminum flat bar used to make four mounts to attach the thrust duct fins to the engine stand.
The thrust duct support fins mounted to the engine stand.
The thrust duct support fins (made from 1/4″ plywood) are temporarily attached, and 3/4″ EMT is being fitted for support braces from the rear of the cockpit structure to the top of the thrust duct.
The EMT support braces have been welded to 1/8″ steel endplates that will be used to bolt the braces to the duct and cockpit structure.
Test fitting the brace mount on the thrust duct.
Both braces and support fins in place.
I have added triangular strips of wood above the 1×2 supports to make a smooth transition into the thrust duct. The hole assembly is then fiberglassed into the duct.