The Titan 16 is a multi-role hovercraft designed to be quickly reconfigured for a wide range of applications including fishing, bowfishing, cruising, camping, duck hunting, search and rescue, etc. It features a simple, rugged design with ample on-board storage, and can reach remote areas not accessible by any other means!

Download the PDF version of the Titan Spec Sheet

Titan Hovercraft

Dimensions 16 ft length x 7 ft width
Weight 750 lbs
Payload 4 persons/800 lbs
Thrust 35 hp Kohler with 3-blade 64 inch Ultra-prop 2
Lift 19 hp with 6-blade 26 inch fan
Construction Molded fiberglass deck, hull built from fiberglass panels with tough vinylester foam core
Hover height 9.5inch
Speed 30-35 mph (maximum)
25 mph (cruise)
Fuel Tank 9 gallons. Can carry auxiliary fuel tanks.
Fuel Burn 2-3 gallons per hour

If you’re interested in outdoor adventures in your own Titan, contact us for more information!