New Phoenix Hovercraft goes for its first flight!


September 20, 2014


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The new Phoenix went for its first flight at the Brazos River hover-in recently! We were thrilled with the performance, with its light weight and efficient design enabling us to reach top speeds of 25 mph on just 13 horsepower.

Phoenix HovercraftThe Phoenix has a comfortable and extremely quiet cruise at around 70-75% throttle. The craft is nimble in its F15-eligible base configuration with the 420 cc Predator engine, but the small block Briggs 23 horsepower V-twin is a drop-in replacement for builders who want more power.

Phoenix Hovercraft
The Phoenix is also very comfortable with its ‘kneeler’ configuration. The low bench seat is comfortable and keeps the center of gravity of the entire craft very low, resulting in great stability on cushion. As shown in the picture above, you can also stand on your knees in the padded footwells for short times to get a higher view point. We’re very excited about the new craft, and are currently working out details to offer a simple quick-build kit, which would include a molded hull, engine, reduction drive, rudder parts, controls, skirt material, and all stainless steel hardware. This craft is an absolute blast to fly, and is perfect for both new flyers and seasoned flyers who want a simple, quiet, reliable craft.

If you might be interested in a Phoenix kit, let us know and we’ll be happy to keep you updated as we finish the kit development!

Check out the video below to see the Phoenix in action:


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