Titan Hovercraft Prototype


January 18, 2017


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In additional to ramping up production on the turn-key Phoenix hovercraft, we’ve wanted to build a larger hovercraft for a long time, so we’ve spoken with many hobbyists and sportsmen in the area and come up with a design that we think will be a true “multirole” hovercraft… A hovercraft that can be easily reconfigured for fishing, hunting, hauling gear, commercial work, or simply cruising on the rivers and backwaters up and down the coast. After speaking with lots of local sportsmen, we settled on 3 objectives for this craft:

1. Versatility of a huge, “walk anywhere” open deck that can be easily configured for any application
2. Payload capacity to carry 3-4 people and gear
3. The control and flexibility of a twin engine craft while remaining extremely quiet

The picture below shows the Titan prototype in its current construction phase. We’re now bolting on the engines and controls! For more details check out our Titan Construction Log, and as always, feel free to contact us with any questions!

Titan Hovercraft


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